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Opening Arguments

Yes, I am a caffiend

Man! oh man! I do not! need!!! more caffeine!!

Looking for a new way to get that jolt of caffeine energy? Food companies are betting snacks like potato chips, jelly beans and gum with a caffeinated kick could be just the answer.

The Food and Drug Administration is closely watching the marketing of these foods and wants to know more about their safety.

The FDA said Monday it will look at the foods' effects on children in response to a caffeinated gum introduced this week by Wrigley. Alert Energy Gum promises "the right energy, right now."

The agency is already investigating the safety of energy drinks and energy shots, prompted by consumer reports of illness and death.

Yeah, don't eat those jelly beans after 5 p.m., you'll be up all night.

But I'll decide, OK? If the government wants to make the manufacturers put the caffeine amount on labels, I guess I can live with that. But don't tell the companies how much they can put in and what they can put it in. Just observe and report, FDA soldiers.

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