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Opening Arguments

Another whopper

This might be the most outrageous piece of statistical crap you'll see this year:

U.S. taxpayers are paying more to deal with climate change than for education or roads.

According to sobering statistics from the Natural Resources Defense Council, the United States spent nearly $100 billion in 2012 responding to extreme weather that many scientists associate with climate change. That is about $1,100 from each taxpayer – even those who deny climate change is occurring.

[. . . ]

The council argues that increased government spending on disaster cleanup should gives lawmakers more reason to support measures to address climate change.

So, basically, what we're talking about here are the cleanup costs for bad weather, which "many scientists associate with climate change." Mind you, we not saying the diasters are caused by climate change. But many scientists "associate" them with climate change. So let's give billions and billions to the federal government and let the bureaucrats control even more of our lives.

They spout such nonsense because they know they can get away with it. The above reaction is from The Journal Gazette's editorial page.