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Opening Arguments

Courtesy call

Oh, shut the !@#$% up, you lousy !@#$%^ phone call "analysts." Stop your !@#$%^& lying about Hoosiers, or we'll !@#$%^& frog-walk you out of town:

Indiana residents are among the least courteous in the U.S., according to a call advertising firm's analysis of more than 600,000 phone calls.

The Marchex Institute study ranked all 50 states based on usage of the words "please" and "thank you." http://blog.marchex.com/2013/05/15/marchex-data-reveals-ohioans-curse-th...

Indiana ranked third least courteous in the study, with Wisconsin and Massachusetts ranking first and second, respectively.

Tennessee ranked fourth, with Ohio in fifth place.

The most courteous states, according to the study, were South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana and Georgia.

Oh, please.

Man, is this ever a company with too much time on its hands. This is all it has? Saying "please" and "thank you" in phone calls is an accurate indicator of a state's courtesy? I'm afraid I'm not very treceptive to intrusive phone calls from "call advertising firms" and such, and most other people aren't, either. That doesn't mean we're not polite in the personal encounters that really matter.

Thank you.