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Opening Arguments

An expensive right

They never quit trying:


Two D.C. councilmembers said Thursday that they support some form of mandate that gun owners carry liability insurance, but they would have to overcome the objections of Mayor Vincent Gray for the District of Columbia to become the nation’s first jurisdiction to require such coverage.

Councilmembers Vincent Orange and Mary Cheh said after a hearing Thursday that any bill they pursue would likely be narrower than Cheh’s initial proposal, which includes a requirement that gun owners insure themselves against intentional as well as accidental shootings.

At least a half-dozen states are considering insurance requirements for gun owners, although none of the bills has made it past the hearing stage.

This mandatory coverage would be in the amount of $250,000, so I think it's fair to say the purpose is to discourage gun ownership, not to "promote safety and responsible gun ownership."

Let's see, what would be an equivalent outrage? You absolutely have the right of free expression, but you're gonna have to get a $250,000 libel-protection policy in case you go too far and say the wrong thing. You absolutely have the right to freedom of worship, but you need to get a $250,000 . . . well, you get the idea.