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Opening Arguments

First vetoes

Good for him:

Gov. Mike Pence issued the first vetoes of his administration today, rejecting two bills that created new professional licenses.

Arguing that licensing requirements hamper job growth, Pence vetoed House Enrolled Act 1242, which required licenses for diabetes educators, and Senate Enrolled Act 273, which created licenses for anesthesiologist assistants and dieticians, along with state certification for music therapists.

[. . .]

“Lower taxes and less regulation, including fewer licensing requirements, will mean more jobs for Hoosiers,” Pence said in a statement. “I am vetoing these licensing bills because I believe they create barriers to the marketpalce for Hoosiers and restrict competition.”

Ah, the first vetoes. I wonderif that's something he will always remember, like the first kiss or the first ocean voyage. Probably not.

Of course it's mostly a symbolic gesture since the veto power of the Indiana governor is so weak. All legislators need to override is a simple majority, and the General Assembly had already scheduled a day for final business in June. If the vote had been close, a veto might have persuaded one or two to change and swing it the other way, but both bills won by overwhelming margins.