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Opening Arguments

No skin in the game

Thank goodness they've solved all the city's other problems in Washington, so the D.C. Council can concentrate on truly important stuff like this:


A D.C. Council member is preparing to introduce a resolution calling on the Washington Redskins to change its name, perhaps to the Washington Redtails.

Council member David Grosso, an independent elected last year, said he plans to pursue his non-binding resolution because the current name is “a derogatory, racist name.”

“It’s been a long time that we’ve had this name associated with Washington, and I think its time we take a stand and change it,” Grosso said.

Redtails? Good God, what does that even mean? Considering where the team plays, maybe they should rename it the Red Inks. As I've said here before, I think Redskin is higher on the offense scale than terms like Indians and Braves. But if a team chooses to risk offending people, that's not exactly a the proper concern of government.