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Opening Arguments

The party-pooping pill

Alas, my fellow travelers along the testosterone trail, beautiful women do cloud our minds, don't they, and break down our defenses and suppress our inhibitions and lead us astray. But do not fear. There is hope. All we have to do is pop a couple of minocycline pills, a tetracycline antibiotic:

According to a study published in Nature on Tuesday men taking the antibiotic are able to disregard the attractiveness of women while deciding whether or not to trust them.

Researchers gave men an amount of money that they could either split evenly with a partner for no risk or attempt to triple at their female partner’s discretion. The female partner’s were instructed to lose all the money should they be given the chance.

When the partner was an unattractive woman, the men in both the placebo and minocycline group trusted the partner half the time. However, when the partner was a beautiful woman, the men in the placebo group trusted her almost 70 percent of the time, while the minocycline group trusted her only 50 percent of the time.

Oh, look at that comely lass over there. My God, she is a saucy wench. I think I will -- oh, no, quick, give me that pill! Ah, thanks. Get away from me, you wanton hussy!

Pill for everything these days.