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Opening Arguments

For the children

Well, duh:

The College Republican National Committee released a report on Monday outlining the major challenges facing the GOP as it seeks to rebrand and redefine itself in the aftermath of the 2012 election. The survey criticizes the party’s singular focus on “big government” and “tax cuts” and calls on Republicans to become more tolerant and open on issues like same-sex marriage and women’s reproductive health.

But a close reading of the 90-page report finds that young people have strong disagreements with Republican policies — including large parts of former candidate’s Mitt Romney’s platform — and are far more likely to support progressive positions.

It's the natural order of things for people to "support progressive positions" when they're young and become more conservative as they grow older and wiser about the way the world actually works. And when they're ready to make the final transition, they'll need a home, which just might be, um, a political party that sticks to enduring principles instead of one that gave up on its values 'cause it wants to suck up to the kids. Roger Ebert once said that a change in the movies during his lifetime is that kids used to watch them to mimic adult behavior and now adults watch them to mimic the kids' behavior. Lot of that going around.

Yeah, damn it, don't you just hate that singular focus on "big government" and "tax cuts." Oh, if only.