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Opening Arguments

Halfway there

Indiana revenue from gambling taxes is down and still falling, and I agree with this Journal Gazette editorial that the state should resist pressure to expand operations or give existing operations furthr tax breaks:

The latest revenue report is another good argument for calling the industry’s bluff. There always will be more competition for gamblers’ business – how much is the General Assembly willing to give for smaller and smaller tax jackpots?

But the solution they suggest is only half-right:

It’s time for the General Assembly to find new sources to support essential state services before the gambling industry inevitably begs for another break to keep up with increasing competition.

Search for new revenue sources, sure. But this is also an opportunity to take a hard look at all the services the state provides to determine exactly which ones are "essential" and which ones could be eliminated. The JG is always quick to support new taxes, ever reluctant to recommend spending cuts.