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Opening Arguments

Pay as you go

"Repugnant" is the right word:

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Supreme Court says Hoosier parents cannot surrender parenting time to avoid paying child support.

In a unanimous ruling released Tuesday afternoon, the state's high court rejected a divorce settlement where a father agreed to give up all parenting time, in exchange for not having to pay child support.

"The concept of parents negotiating away parenting time as a means to eliminate the obligation to pay child support is repugnant and contrary to public policy," Justice Steven David wrote in the opinion .

It's understandable, though, that the family involved would think such a bargain perfectly acceptable. We may already be at the point where people think they can get out of any responsibility just by writing a check or blaming somebody else. For some reason, I'm reminded of the Civil War policy of letting people pay someone else to do their war service from them. Trying to duck out on parenting rsponsibilities seems even worse than that.