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Opening Arguments

Fine and dandy

So what do they want, the death penalty?

A state law that took effect last week doubles Indiana's fines for motorists who illegally park in parking spaces for the disabled.

But some seniors and people with disabilities or health conditions who rely on the parking spaces question if the higher fines are really enough to keep able-bodied people from using the spots.

The law, one of more than 200 new laws that took effect July 1, boosts the minimum fine for parking in a disabled spot without a permit from $50 to $100.

$100 seems to me like a pretty good fine for a nonmoving violation. I don't think any penalty truly works on all potential offenders, unless it's so stiff that it obviously doesn't fit the crime. A good goal is to discourage the casual offender, who might not worry about an occasional cheat to just run into the store for milk or bread, for whom $50 isn't enough of an incentive; $100 might be.