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Opening Arguments

Nothing odd to see here

Best buddies:

No one knows exactly when President Barack Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain went from bitter rivals to bipartisan partners.


There was no conciliatory phone call, no heart-to-heart talk to soothe tensions formed during the heated 2008 presidential campaign and battles on health care and national security.

Yet in recent months, an alignment on high-profile domestic issues has transformed Obama and McCain into Washington's most unexpected odd couple.

"Odd couple"? Don't think so. Whatever label they use or are called by others, they both see targeting the power of Washington at every preceived problem as right and natural. McCain is no more a "conservative" than was that other government-growing Republican Richard Nixon. The fact he was the best the GOP could do in the 2008 presidential contest is just pathetic.

Hey, maybe they could do a buddy picture. Obama can be the one who wearily says, "I'm gettin' too old for this," and McCain can be the crazy one who jumps off the ledge with the suicide threatener.