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Opening Arguments

Paul vs. Christie

Agreed, "nasty but useful":

Sen. Tom Cole said Wedensday that despite the nasty Republican-on-Republican war of words between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, the debate the two bring up is important.

“I’m sorry that this got a little bit personal between the two, because frankly this is a debate worth having. It’s an important debate, and it’s not a particularly partisan debate,” Cole (R-Okla.) said, talking about weighing civil liberties against national security in NSA surveillance of Americans.

There's a whole new crop of potential Republican candidates. The only thing we can be pretty sure off now is that the next nomineee won't be some tired old government hack whose "turn it is." The more all these newbies argue with each other, nastily or not, the more chance we have to find the most credible challenger to all that progressive hogwash.

John McCain, meanwhile, is saying he would find it a "tough choice" if the contest featured Hillary Clinton vs. Rand Paul. Really, John? That tells us everything we need to know about you, doesn't it? Go away now.

The debate I'd like to se is between Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, the best and the brightest from the libertarian and conservative wings of the GOP. That's where the action is in determinining where the party is headed. The whole security-vs.-liberty thing is just one small part of that overall conversation.