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Opening Arguments

Take your bizarre and shove it

Here's an odd little story:

WHITING | The city's annual three-day homage to the humble, delicious pierogi and all things ethnic including babushkas, has made the top 10 list of bizarre festivities compiled by global travel website TripAdvisor.

[. . .]

Pierogi Fest draws about 275,000 people, said Chamber of Commerce President and Festival Chairman Tom Dabertin.

[. . .]

Pierogi fest has 77 food vendors, 100 arts and crafts booths, 20 specialty vendors and 50 parade displays.

Just out of curisoity why is a pierogi fest considered "bizarre" while rib fests are a beloved part of American tradition? Little bit of Eastern European prejudice going on? And as Dabertin points out, Taste of Chicago has 52 vendors and calls inself the largest food fest on the planet. "I guess that means (with 77 food vendors) that means we're the largest food fest in the Milky Way."