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Opening Arguments

Too much law, not enough order

What are the chances that many of us will end up breaking the law without even knowing it?

New Indiana laws taking effect Monday allow pharmacists to offer more immunizations and let people convicted of many felonies and misdemeanors to petition to have their record expunged if they haven’t re-offended in several years.

Lawmakers approved nearly 300 bills during 2013 General Assembly, and many of the new laws take effect July 1.

Pretty good, I'd say. This late in our statehood we really needed 300 new laws? The law should change slowly enough that we can all keep current on what's permitted and what's not, but I guess that ship sailed a long time ago. That doesn't mean some of the changes aren't beneficial -- like the one allowing more immunizations from pharmacists and the one asllowing proof of insurance via smart-phone app -- but, come on! The law mandating sending the insurance proof to the state after every accident (even ones where the cops are present and note that on their accident reports) was stupid in the first place. All they've really done then is make something stupid easier to do.