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Opening Arguments

We have decided not to decide

We ain't telling, so don't ask:

A leading Indiana business organization says it doesn't expect to get involved in what could be a contentious fight next year over whether to add a gay marriage ban to the state constitution.

Indiana Chamber of Commerce president Kevin Brinegar tells The Times of Munster that the group will likely remain neutral on the marriage amendment. Brinegar says the chamber has business members on both sides of the issue so it hasn't taken a position.

Makes sense. If you have members with strong opinions on both sides, why take a stand that might make half of them mad if you don't have to?

I wonder why they haven't adopted the same neutrality stance on immigration reform, which is at least as controversial as gay marriage among the general population. I know there is a significant difference of opinion among businesses, too. Some want a reform that includes a path to citizenship (oh, and that pretend border security enhancement). But some would resent having to give up the dirt-chealp labor that is only possible because somebody who is here illegally can't bitch about it to the government.