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Opening Arguments

Worms in the Big Apple

Boy this ought to be one hell of a campaign:

Former Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis, the current Libertarian candidate for New York City comptroller, is already firing at former Democratic New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who just announced his comptroller candidacy against her, on Monday. Spitzer was a patron of prostitutes who worked for Davis, who was convicted and served time.

"Eliot Spitzer broke state and federal laws in his use of prostitutes and paid no penalty; I broke the law and paid my debt to society,” Davis said in a statement released Monday morning. “There cannot be two standards of justice, one for the average citizen and another for the political and social elite.”

That's one catchy slogan there: I paid my debt, but he skated. Between this race and Anthony Weiner running for mayor, New York is set to become a nationwide joke. And consider that the current mayor was just named by Reason magazine as one of the "45 enemies of freedom," along with Mao, bin Laden and Idi Amin. Makes me positively giddy with gratitude for Indiana's tame, vanilla politcs.