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Opening Arguments

Far out

You've heard of voodoo economics. Well, here's voodoo forecasting:

AccuWeather reports it now offers a 45-Day Forecast that provides consumers and travelers with more advance notice of upcoming weather conditions. 

The forecast, offered free-of-charge on Accuweather.com and the Accuweather.com mobile website, provides the public with comprehensive weather information to plan for events a month and a half in the future, AccuWeather says.

Just absolute crap, this. Weather forecasting beyond a few days is more guesswork than anything else and the further out a forecast goes, the less likely it is to be accurate. Weather is a complex system that can be affected by tiny variables. No, a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can't cause a tornado in Kansas, but a small change does have a chain-reaction effect. If you're going to use this to plan your Labor Day activities, well, good luck with it.