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Opening Arguments

Too early to tell

If any Democrats have presidential ambitions, that's just too darn bad, because the nomination is Hillary's, period:


So while I do think it's too early to handicap the race, there is no question, if Hillary Clinton gets into the race, there will be a coronation of her, because there are so many Democrats who last time around supported her, who I think are anxious to see her back out there again.

I dunno. The last person whose nomination was all but inevitable was . . . Hillary Clinton. How'd that work out, huh?

I kind of agree with pollster Scott Rasmussen:

The conventional wisdom seems to be that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a lock on the Democratic nomination and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the frontrunner among Republicans.

[. . .]

I doubt that either Clinton or Christie will top their party tickets in 2016.

[. . .]

None of us know what the political environment will look like when 2016 arrives. We don't know how the candidates will perform on the long campaign trail. Some, like Barack Obama, will exceed expectations. Others, like Fred Thompson and Rick Perry, will disappoint.

When all the votes are tallied, I expect both parties will nominate decent candidates. But the names Clinton and Christie will not top the ticket in November 2016.