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Opening Arguments

Gun nuts

There he goes again:

President Obama delivered a somber speech on Sunday at a memorial for the Navy Yard mass shooting’s 12 victims, saying "we can't accept this" and must address gun violence.

[. . .]
Speaking at the Marine Barracks in Washington, Obama said he too often has had to comfort grieving families from mass shootings. The president said he is worried that there is “a creeping resignation” among Americans that nothing can be done in response to tragedies like the shooting last Monday.
[. . .]

Obama noted that other countries like Australia and the United Kingdom reformed their laws after they experienced mass shootings, making them a rarity. The president said the availability of guns here in the United States is the reason why.

I guess "still" would be more accurate than "again." As Charles Krauthammer says in a column we're running on today's editorial page, "In the liberal remake of 'Casablanca,' the police captain comes upon the scene of the shooting and orders his men to 'round up the usual weapons.' It's always the weapons and never the shooter." Unless we really want to emulate Australia and enact a near total ban, trying to control the weapons is a simple-minded approach to a complex problem.