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Opening Arguments

New blood

Finally, someone has the guts to tackle the entrenched government bureaucracy:

Are you sick of hacks who stay in office too long?

Well, so is State Sen. Dorothy Hukill.

That's why the Volusia County Republican is calling for term limits.

No, not for politicians, silly. For the state's poet laureate.

Sure, the position is unpaid … and consists primarily of writers graciously donating their time to read poems at state functions and festivals.

But you can't have them doing that forever! After all, everyone knows that poets who hang around too long start acting entitled and complacent. Works that used to be flawless examples of iambic pentameter start deteriorating into your basic limerick.

Of course once we stop giggling, we can understand why such a move is desirable. There are so darn many good poets out there, so why should one person hog the poet larueate's position forever?

Indiana is ahead of the curve on this one, by the way. Our poet laureates serve for just two years. The term of current laureate Karen Kovacik ends in December. If you want the job, too bad -- applications were due Aug. 30.