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Opening Arguments

No honor here

I was going to lay off from what conservative critics have started calling Shutdown Theater for a few days. But this is just too good:

The monuments and memorials in Washington and Philadelphia will once again be open to visitors, provided they’re there for “First Amendment activity,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Wednesday.

The D.C. monuments, and particularly the World War II memorial, have become a political flashpoint in the first 48 hours of the government shutdown.

So merely visiting the monuments is forbidden. But if you don't like that, go there anyway to protest the fact that you can't visit, and you're OK because of the First Amendment. I think we just went down the rabbit hole.

The barricading of the World War II memorial is the perfect symbol of this fiasco. Close something that really won't save any money but puts people out and makes them mad so they put pressure on Congress (especially those rotten Republicans) to start squandering trillions again. Then there comes a cause for Republicans to jump on in order to make the Democrats mad.

My friend Art went on one of those Honor Flights to see the memorial, and it's a very big deal. For a whole day, the men and women who get to go are treated like royalty and given the honor they have earned. Yeah, that's a real good idea to mess with that particular bunch of people.