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Opening Arguments

Say you want a revolution

Now I'm depressed:

There is a lot more to be said about the events of the last couple of weeks: the pseudo-shutdown, the ham-handed and ineffectual pontifications of John Boehner, the punitive actions of the increasingly lawless Obama administration. Pundits and markets the world over heaved a collective sigh of relief when this circus of intransigence, stupidity, and preening brinksmanship collapsed on itself yesterday, but what happened is not behind us: it is prelude, not history. We are in the midst of political, social, and moral realignment, the lineaments of which no one’s crystal ball is sufficiently prescient to delineate with anything more than guess and possibilities.

At the beginning of the essay, he wonders if America is "teetering towards a pre-revolutionary state." I don't know if I'm quite that -- I was going to say pessimistic, but maybe optimistic is a better word. Something that can't go on forever won't go on forever, and that certainly describes the current state of governance in this country. A revolution doesn't have to be a bloody one.