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Opening Arguments

Syping spies spy

Yeah, OK, the NSA has been getting too snoopy against Americans, and tha's worrisome, but I can't seem to get too worked up over this:

The furore over the scale of American mass surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden shifted to an incendiary new level on Wednesday evening when Angela Merkel of Germany called Barack Obama to demand explanations over reports that the US National Security Agency was monitoring her mobile phone.

[. . .]

The outrage in Berlin came days after President François Hollande of France also called the White House to confront Obama with reports that the NSA was targeting the private phone calls and text messages of millions of French people.

Isn't it sort of in the job description of spies that they, you know, spy? And who do they spy on? Foreign governments, friend and foe alike. Seems to me a good thing that our government wants to know what world leaders are doing and saying. Other governments are shocked at this? They don't do the same thing? C'mon.

Of course, we can't be guaranteed that they'll make the best and smartest use of the information they gather, but that's a whole other issue.