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Opening Arguments

Fair for all

The Christian Science Monitor on why people should be forced to buy insurance they neither want nor need:

Obamacare is dependent upon a maximum number of people buying into it to share the costs, spread the risk, and make it sustainable – hence the individual mandate that forces all Americans to buy health insurance or face a penalty. But eliminating “substandard” individual plans is another way to do this and – this is key – end policy and pricing discrimination.

Take the maternity insurance example.

If you didn’t include maternity coverage, insurers could charge women more than men for insurance, notes Jonathan Gruber, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who helped design the Massachusetts health plan and advised on Obamacare. Why should women be discriminated against just because they are the only ones, biologically speaking, who can bring children into the world?

Or what about mental health care? If you don’t include that, then insurers could charge the mentally ill more than the mentally healthy, and so on.

We owe the newspaper a debt of gratitude for this great public service. It has managed to boil progressive thinking and its resulting liberal governance down to their essence: Life isn't fair, and it's government's primary function to make it fair. Nobody should have to pay more for anything that anybody else or suffer more risk than everybody else. So we must take whatever we need to from the haves and give it to the have-nots until everybody's even with everybody else.

Life sorts and time levels. Liberals have never understood that and never will.