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Opening Arguments

Is it legal? Does anybody care?

I'm still guilty of beating a dead horse or two, but there is at least one I've walked away from:

Is Obama's "administrative fix" to Obamacare even legal?

I feel weird asking the question because O-Care already entered a, shall we say, “post-legal phase” after Obama decided he had the power to unilaterally delay the employer mandate based on nothin’ more than his own good, ass-covering intentions. If King Barack wants to issue a proclamation declaring that insurers can bring back canceled plans, well, there you go.

The "post-legal phase" now covers so much more than Obamacare. The people in Washington have mostly even stopped pretending that they care about the legality or constitutionality of anything they do.

And don't get me wrong. I'm not accusing this administration of anything new. People in power will always try to get away with anything they can. It's just that here, as in most other areas (the toxic spending levels under Bush 43, for example), the Obama team has embraced something bad and taken it to breathtaking new levels.