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Opening Arguments

Leave my values alone

A politician who probably achieved more honesty than he was really trying for:

South Carolina Democratic congressman James Clyburn was forthright in laying out the motivation behind Obamacare: “If we were to look at what we were attempting to do with the Affordable Health Care Act [sic], you will know that what we’re trying to do is change a values system in our country.”

He argued, on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, that America was ready for the change, too, and any resistance reflects practical problems, not fundamental ones: “This is a rollout problem, not a values problem.”

I don't doubt him for a minute. "Changing the country's values" has been what President Obama and his allies have been all about from the beginning. The president thinks this nation and its Constitution have serious defects, and he has set out to change them to suit his progressive vision.

I don't know if the country is "ready for the change," or whether the rollout castastrophe has made many of them rethink the whole "government as solution" idea. That's what the nationwide debate is all about, and I wouldn't even atttempt a definitive answer.

But speaking personally, I like my values just fine, thank you very much, and the idea that some yahoos in Washington are attempting to change them is both preposterous and incredibly offensie.