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Opening Arguments

A relative conservative

A perceptive observation:

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas credited Chris Christie for his re-election in New Jersey, but he pointedly questioned whether the 22-point victory by Christie held any greater meaning for the Republican Party.

“Is a conservative in New Jersey a conservative in the rest of the country?” Perry said in an interview with “This Week.” “We’ll have that discussion at the appropriate time.”

I think this is true generally for liberals and conservatives. We can't say absolutely somebody is purely one or the other -- we have to judge them based on the political environment they have to work in. I'm not so sure about libertarians, though, since they believe so strongly in ideological faithfulness. Rand Paul is just as much a libertarian in Indiana or California as he is in Kentucky.

BTW, because of Christie's landslide victory, we made our weekly poll this week about whetehr he would make a good GOP presidential canddiate. It's pretty evenly split right now, with "yes" having a slight edge over "no" and "I don't know yet."