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Opening Arguments

A tale of two states

Today's Journal Gazette editorial tut-tut's "the president's foes" in states like Indiana who have tried to undercut Obamacare at every turn, and states like Kentuck, where wise and wonderful leaders have warmly embraced the Affordable Care Act. While acknowledging that the plan's debut has been rocky for all (and reluctantly adminitting that :much of the panic and confusion can be laid at the Obama administration's doorstep), the paper says things are much elss rocky in Kentucky that in Indiana:

Early results are promising. The Wall Street Journal singled out Kentucky’s site, kynect.com, as a success story. On Oct. 1, the first day of the national signup program, Kentucky’s site had 600,000 page views. In October, 5,586 Kentuckians chose an insurance program under the plan and 28,000 were deemed eligible for Medicaid.

I dunno, just look at those numbers. Five times as many signed up for Medicaid, who will be taking money out, as signed up for an insurance program to pay money in. From the stories I've seen, it's that way everywhere. All the "successes" will do is make the federal debt even bigger and hasten the day when Medicaid collapses from its own weight. And since Medicaid enrollees skew old and since young, healthy people just aren't buying into the program, Obamacare will soon be in that infamous death spiral, if it isn't already. Yeah, way to go, Kentucky.


Frank Keller
Mon, 11/25/2013 - 1:14pm

At this time ACA(US Government) will provide 100% of the cost associated with the Expansion of MediCaid for the first 3 years, this will be paid by you and I. Afterwards they will pay 90%, this will be paid by you and I.  On the surface this sounds like a really good deal until you factor in the number of people that will be enrolled, and the effect that this will have on State budgets. 


In anycase you and I will be paying for it, either through Federal or State taxes. Plus the increase in our policies for those of us that don't qualify for subsidies. As Nancy P has stated we have to pass it to find out whats in it. We are now seeing what the individual mandate is doing, what do you believe the Employer mandate will bring. Myself I think I'm afraid to find out.