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Opening Arguments

The great spending war

Seems like the Democrats have their own little internal battle going, which I suspect will not get nearly the coverage the Republican one has gotten:

Leaders of the center-left “Third Way” think tank put out an op-ed this week that threatens to turn into a full-blown Democratic Party war. Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler warned their fellow Democrats that the hard-left style of new electeds like Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio has no sustainable future. The lefty blogger community has turned on the centrist Democrats and is pushing elected Dems to disavow the sensible advice.

Joan Walsh – yeah, I know – writes that “Elizabeth Warren is a great tonic for the Democratic Party” and that the push to increase spending rather than responsibly reform Social Security is going to be a huge winner.

The major difference seems to be that the Tea Party types pushing for more conservatism are seen as the rebels in the GOP, while in the Democratic party the extremists are seen as defenders of the faith and the "centrists" are seen as the rebels. War to the death over "not sustainable" and "spend even more." Gotta love it. "Centrist" has to be in quotation marks because, you know, Democrats.