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Opening Arguments

Man-child in the promises land

Pajama Boy, the smug and twerpy man-child in the new Obamacare ads, is being relentless and justifiably mocked by the right. But let's not laugh so hard to fail to learn a lesson:

But it’s hard not to see Pajama Boy as an expression of the Obama vision, just like his forbear Julia, the Internet cartoon from the 2012 campaign. Pajama Boy is Julia’s little brother. She progressed through life without any significant family or community connections. He is the picture of perpetual adolescence. Neither is a symbol of self-reliant, responsible adulthood.

And so both are ideal consumers of government. Julia needed the help of Obama-supported programs at every juncture of her life, and Pajama Boy is going to get his health insurance through Obamacare (another image shows him looking very pleased in a Christmas sweater, together with the words “And a happy New Year with health insurance”).

How strangely these people see the world. It sometimes seems like the dreamy-eyed, goofy high school sophomores have taken over the whole government. They can promise anything and then make it happen just by thinking good thoughs,