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Opening Arguments

Shake, rattle and roll

Can we just chill it a little on that handshake? Conservatives are in a sputtering rage over President Obama, eeeuu, actually touching tinpot dicator Raul Castro. Liberals are almost ecstatic over it as a "symbol" of a new world of peace and love. I tend to agree with the Boston Globe that it's no bfd:

But the offending handshake, which came during a memorial service for South African president Nelson Mandela, was merely a gesture of civility.

But, um, on the other hand, I do find this troubling:

Tuesday’s handshake between Obama and Castro comes after six months of quiet diplomacy between the United States and Cuba—and Castro signaling he’s ready for bigger talks.

"Quiet diplomacy," i.e. secret talks. As we've seen elsewhere, with Iran being the most notable example, the administration is really inept at dealing with our adversaries, tending to give away far more than it gets. If they're gonna keep talking to Cuba, we should demand maximum transparency.

Not that we'll ever get it, of course.