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Opening Arguments

17 times

Yeah, yeah, I know, some people find it tiresome the way those of us on the right prattle on about the liberal bias of the press. But, come on, seriously?

And yet, according to Scott Whitlock of the Media Research Center, “In less than 24 hours, the three networks have devoted 17 times more coverage to a traffic scandal involving Chris Christie than they’ve allowed in the last six months to Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service controversy.”

Bridgegate supposedly got all that attention because it is "relatable" -- that is, every American knows what it's like to be stuck in traffic. But as the writer points out, fearing IRS retaaliation is also relatable. Absolutely nobody is shocked to hear that the government might use the taxman to go after its enemies.

Lord.;17 times more, in one day? Above and beyond, network tools.