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Opening Arguments


Saaay, are they trying to sneak this one by us?

INDIANAPOLIS – A committee of lawmakers will hold a hearing next week on the controversial same-sex marriage ban being discussed in the Indiana General Assembly.

The resolution to amend the state’s constitution, now known as HJR3, was handed down Thursday on the House floor, and was again authored by Rep. Eric Turner, R-Marion. Turner’s resolution had been filed last session as HJR6, but was temporarily shelved during last year’s budget-writing session.

HJR6 is what we've always called this bill. Why abandon the traditional name and call it something else entirely? If HJR6 was good enough for the people who introduced it, it should be good enough for legislators in the current session. If we can simply change the name we've always called a bill, then our whole concept of bill naming would be destoyred and a bill could be named anything, and then where would we be?