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Opening Arguments

Hooray for the do-nothing Congress


The 113th Congress was publicly chided by Washington’s chiding classes for not getting much done last year — that is, for not passing very many laws. Indeed, 2013 was the “least productive” Congress in 66 years.

Isn’t it nice to read some good news for a change?

[. . .]

A “productive” Congress gives us things like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which required 2,500 pages and another ten times that in federal regulations in order to protect patients by taking their doctors away and reducing the number of Americans with insurance while doing nothing to make care more affordable. But those new policies with the higher deductibles seem to be very popular, based on the number of people mandated by law into nearly considering buying them.

Those busy beavers also gave us the Orwellian-named Patriot Act, which has allowed tens of millions of Americans to very patriotically remove their shoes in very patriotic airport security lines, and has also allowed virtually every American to have his or her phone calls very patriotically logged by the NSA.

He goes on and on from there about congressional misdeeds, but you get the point. Washignton is the problem, and gridlock is the solution.

Well, that and a constitutional convention demanded by the states that would take away some of the power the bastards have unconstitutionally grabbed. We should be proud that Indiana is not just hopping on this particular bandwagon. Indiana Senate President Pro Tem David Long was one of the people who got it rolling. It's being dismissed by foes as a "rightwing movement." Yeah, well, fine. Look where the leftwing movement has taken us.