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Opening Arguments

The libertarian surge

Wait, what? The press is becoming more libertarian?

In a fractured media environment with an ever-shrinking universe of potential readers and viewers, media firms are seeking out dedicated audiences that they do not have to expend the energy and capital themselves to build. Among the more loyal audience of political news and opinion consumers are those with a libertarian bent – particularly because they have been so underserved for years. That is changing.

Media firms appear eager to capitalize on the growing trend among voters towards individual liberty. Good for them. The question then becomes, when will the political class catch up?

Maybe I'e been reading the wrong things, but I haven't noticed this myself. OK, fine, The Washington Post is replacing departing liberal puppy Ezra Klein with the libertarianish Eugene Volokh, but one good move does not a trend make. As for when the political class will catch up, "never" springs to mind. Atheists don't seek to become pope and people who don't like government tend not to want to run it.

But I think the article is right about libertarianism "catching on" among Americans. Progressivism's limitations aren't so obvious when its practioners sneak it in on us a little at a time. It takes a super progressive like Barack Obama really, really pushing it to make some people finally wake up to the dangers of big government.