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Opening Arguments


We just got thrown under the omnibus:

Congressional negotiators unveiled a $1.1 trillion funding bill late Monday that would ease sharp spending cuts known as the sequester while providing fresh cash for new priorities, including President Obama’s push to expand early-childhood education.

The 1,582-page bill would fully restore cuts to Head Start, partially restore cuts to medical research and job training programs, and finance new programs to combat sexual assault in the military. It would also give all federal workers a 1 percent raise.

1,582 pages. $1.1 trillion. Bipartisan agreeement. Sigh. I don't know why people keep calling for "working together across the aisle." When they do, it usually looks pretty ugly to me. The bill includes $8.6 billion for Head Start even though Health and Human Services' own study shows it doesn't improve education. Even Republicans in the Indiana General Assembly who should know better keep clamoring for more early childhood education, though, so that battle's probably not gonna be won.