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Opening Arguments

Put up or shut up

I hate to agree with CNN, but, yeah, this is pretty much true:

Republicans, who have spent years clamoring for tax reform, were much less enthusiastic Wednesday when faced with a sweeping tax overhaul plan in an election year, reticent to discuss whether the proposal from House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp, R-Michigan, should even get a vote.

Put this in the "They may talk a good game, but that's all" file. The "we can't possibly do this in an election year" excuse is pretty damn thin. They're supposed to do things and then face the music on election day -- that's what politics is all about. Not sure why I brought this up, though, since there's not much chance anybody in Washington will ever seriously tackle tax reform.

And get this:

Comprehensive tax reform has achieved near-holy grail status in the Capitol, which has not seen substantial tax overhaul since 1986.

Yeah, holy grail, as in a mythical legend some people foolishly take seriously. Holy grail!