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Opening Arguments

A very healthy growth rate

Today's "well, duh" connect-the-dots exercise. This:

That means President Obama has added 17,522 pages of regulations in his five years in office; one president growing the regulatory state 11 percent increase in five years.

Brings up:

But if Democrats cared to put a little more of their own focus on actually growing the economy, they might want to reconsider the gargantuan expansion of the regulatory state that’s gone down under President Obama’s direction.

But, well, no, it's far better to beat up Republicans because "they won’t go in for making employment more expensive and inaccessible with a higher minimum wage mandate; or for hiking our out-of-control deficits with more stimulus boondoggles and unsustainable entitlement programs; or for raising taxes so the government can take more capital out of the private sector and better “invest” and redistribute it; or for their endless efforts to disable/do away with the administration’s unwise and ungainly takeover of the entire healthcare industry."

The CFR, or Code of Federal Regulations, in case you haven't been keeping score, now comes in at 175,496 pages, including the 1,170-page index.