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Opening Arguments

Nothing to fear. Period.

Oh, if only:

Democrats have something else to fear after the November midterms besides just an all Republican-controlled Congress: President Barack Obama.

With Obama’s political career winding down and poll numbers continuing to languish, his party brethren fret that their own president — forced to work with GOP majorities — would give away the store on key policy issues ranging from the budget to energy and trade. It’s a concern congressional Democrats have voiced every time Obama and Vice President Joe Biden tried to cut big fiscal deals with Republicans — and the panic is now more palpable with the growing prospect of a Senate GOP majority.

"Palable panic," for God's sake. I don't know if the people peddling this are delusional or merely trying to lull the GOP into a false sense of security, but I think everybody else in the free world know Obama is too much the partisan zealot to ever give up on anything. At least if Republicans take over the Senate, Congress should be able to check his worst excesses.