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Opening Arguments

And don't spit, either

If you go to Brighton, Mich., better watch your !@#$% mouth:

BRIGHTON (WWJ/AP) – Police in downtown Brighton are cracking down on disorderly conduct by issuing tickets to people who swear or cause problems following complaints about the behavior of teenagers and young adults in the area.

[. . .]

Brighton police Chief Tom Wightman said it’s OK for teenagers to hang out downtown, and the city doesn’t have a law prohibiting certain words. He noted that the playground is used by families and young children, and he said the department gets complaints about teenagers and young adults.

But memo to Brighton officials: If you won't specify the words that are banned, how can you even call it cussin'? Now, on top of the usual First Amendment problems, you have also created the probabliity of arbitrariness and capriciousness, two traits the law should never exhibit.

As this guy notes:

It is part of the criminalization of America where pet peeves of politicians are ramped up to criminal offenses to make a point.

The fine for cussin' in Brighton is $200. So if they swear out a complaint, please don't swear at the complaint.