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Opening Arguments

Children, believe!

What an awful, awful thing to tell graduating seniors:

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -- Secretary of State John Kerry urged Yale University graduates on Sunday to keep faith in government's ability to break gridlock, even as many problems remain unsolved.

Kerry, a 1966 graduate of Yale, told students and their families, faculty and staff at the Ivy League school's 313th commencement that some people don't believe they can make a difference "and the sum difference of all of this is that we do not believe we can make a difference ... we remain gridlocked."

As the headline on the story put it, "Kerry tells Yale grads to keep faith in government." Yeech. Government is just how we express our collective will, and the mechanism should be kept at the absolute minimum to get the job done. It's not something to be celebrated for itself.

Alas, that's the problem. There are too many people like Kerry who worship at the altar of government. He's just out there recruiting new acolytes. Can't blame him, I guess.