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Opening Arguments

Thank God he's an ex-candidate

Oh, good lord:

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney joined the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday for a wide-ranging interview on subjects ranging from Hillary Clinton, to Russia, to the future of the GOP. When pressed on how his party can reconcile the internal friction over issues important to the nation’s changing demographics, like same-sex marriage and hiking the minimum wage, Romney said that he was breaking with most of his party and that he endorses a raise in the federal minimum wage.

[. . .]

“Because, frankly, our party is all about more jobs and better pay,” he continued. The former Massachusetts governor said that the GOP must convince minority voters that the GOP has a better position on the issue of employment.

But a higher minimum wage will result in fewer jobs, andthe overall effect will be to push all wages higher, which means the realative differences will stay exactly the same. I thought everybody on the planet except liberal airheads knew that.

Romney is also the guy who invented Obamacare before there was Obamacare. And he's the best presidential nominee Republicans could come up with. Heaven help us all.