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Opening Arguments

Ready for a woman

I'd say she's half-right:

The U.S. should elect a female president "as soon as possible," first lady Michelle Obama said Monday.

"You know, I think this country is ready — this country is ready for anyone who can do that job," the first lady said while speaking at a working families summit in Washington.

Obama said the country had learned a president didn't need to have a particular race, gender, or background.

"The person who should do the job is the person who is most qualified — and we have some options, don't we?" Obama said, drawing loud applause.

Yes, the country is ready for a female president. In a world that's seen such strong women as Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher, that shouldn't even be a matter of conjecture. But, no, we don't need to elect one as soon as possible. As Obama herself eventually gets around to saying, we need to elect the best person for the job, although that may be an optimistic goal given how few people actually seek the job. The most we can hope for is to elect the best person for the job from among those running.

In any cacse, I don't think it will be Hillary Clinton (SPOILER alter! My track record of political predictions is dismal). I'm not sure what she stands for when you get right down to it, and she seems an awfully overrated politician. It is moderately amusing, isn't it, that it's now a Democrat who's getting criticized for being so rich she can't relate to ordinary people? Welcome to Mitt's world, Hillary.