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Opening Arguments

Another fine mess

Well, just who do you think made it a mess? Madeleine Albright on "Face the Naiton":


". . . There are things that are going on that need understanding and explanation but to put it mildly, the world is a mess.”

You expect me to say the mess was caused by liberal progressives like Albright and Barack Obama who think a strong United States is the problem rather than the solution, so, of course, I will.

But actually, I think there's a larger problem, larger because I don't think there is really a solution. The world needs, more than anything, a sense that the leader of the free world (that's the whole country, not just whoever happens to be president at any given time) will present a sensible, coherent idea of its place in the world, something other countries can depend on. But that's hard to do when, depending on the politics of an administration, our policies on what we consider in the nation's interest change, often in wildly different directions.

What we should develop is a rational foreign policy based on a thorough examination of our interests and then let that policy slowly evolve in one direction no matter what the politics of an administration. Like I said, there's really no solution, because that ain't never gonna happen.