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Opening Arguments

Surprise, surprise

This is what leftwing think tanks are up to these days:

America is undertaxed, and the result is underfunding of public investments that would improve our economy and the overall welfare of Americans.

[. . .]

Part I of this report explains why Congress needs to raise the overall amount of federal revenue collected. Contrary to many politicians’ claims, the United States is much less taxed than other countries, and wealthy individuals and corporations are particularly undertaxed.

The group is called Citizens for Tax Justice, so its focus on those evil "wealthy individuals and corporations" should not be a big surprise. Justice, to that crowd, means "give us more, you selfish bastards."

Yeah, "much less taxed than other countries." Turn us into Europe, and that will make it all much better. Squander trillions, shame on you. Persuade me to give you trillions more, shame on me.