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Opening Arguments

Time out on the time off

"Better late than never" department: Democrat Bill Burton sorta, kinda regrets piling on George. W. Bush back in the day:

I don’t remember, but I assume that I was one of the many Democrats who gleefully took shots at President George W. Bush for the time he spent at Crawford—and if so I regret it. Presidents are better for having time out of Washington, even better for time away with their families.

Whether you’re a partisan or a cynical reporter who has been making the same critique about presidential vacations for decades, I assume you probably agree that human beings function better when they get a little time away. I wouldn’t want my surgeon to be some woman who hasn’t had a break in 4 years.

Aww, come on, Bill, I bet you really do remember, but never mind that. You're right to belatedly realize the error of your ways. And Republicans who are now piling on Obama for all the vacations he takes should dial it down a notch or two as well. This is one of those tailor-made partisan issues that sedduces people into seeing learly the sins of the other side but being blind to the sins of their side.

Presidents need vacations the same as everybody else does, probably more that the rest of us actually. The issue is not how many vacations they take but what kind of a job they do when they're not on vacation. There is plenty of evidence there to look at, no?

What goes around, comes around. Words to live by.