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Opening Arguments

I salute you

Yeah, that saluting controversy. Conservatives are expressing their ire at President Obama's disresperctful coffee cup salute, and liberals are countering with, "But, yeah, look at President Bush saluting with his damn dog." C0mpletely different, as many veterans are starting to point out. Bush freed up his right hand to salute, which is completely the right thing to do. It is allowed to have something in your left hand while saluting.

I don't think it's "disrespect," especially, at least not exclusively for the military. Any president in the last part of his second term is going to adopt a certain YOLO attitude (YOLO = "carpe diem!" for stupid people). Obama, who started out with that "I'm cooler than anybody else in the room" atttitude, is naturally YOLOier than any of them.

If I were still in the military, I'd be worried about Obama as my commander in chief for a lot of other reasons, like, is he gonna get my ass shot off in a war he won't call that and doesn't even believe in?