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Opening Arguments

Natural-born killers

Finally, something that isn't my fault:

Paris (AFP) - Chimpanzees can be lethally violent to each other but this stems from an inherent streak and not, as some have suggested, from human interference, a study said on Wednesday.

Zoologists, led by the famed Jane Goodall, have speculated for years on the causes of "chimpanzee wars" among Man's genetically-closest relatives.

One theory is that the apes are made more aggressive as a result of human influence: loss of habitat or food creates ever-greater competition for resources.

But new research, published in the journal Nature, said coordinated violence by Pan troglodytes is an evolutionary strategy.

Chimps kill to wipe out rivals, thus gaining territory, mates, water or food, it suggests. In Darwinian terms, they seek an advantage to help them survive and hand on their genes to future generations.

But I'm sure global warming climate change has made them more vicious killers.

Posted in: Science