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Opening Arguments

No, no, no

Amen, brother:

Not a week goes by, where Mitt Romney’s name doesn’t show up in a headline. Pressure is mounting on him to run for president in 2016.

Mitt - Please don’t. 

[. . .]

You, and your handlers misunderstood your opponent. Whenever I heard you tout “Barack Obama is a good man, it’s just that his policies are misguided”, I wanted to reach through my tv screen and shake you by the ears.

Now, I understand your Mormon upbringing teaches you tolerance, and at some level, I respect your calm demeanor, but what you lacked was FIGHT.

The GOP should have won the presidency easily in 2012 but blew it. The task should be even easier in 2016.

Should be.

Let's keep having that debate to see whether conservatives or libertarians should gain control of the party. Leave the failed candidates on the sidelines.